Leave Nursing??

  1. Hi, so I've been an LVN for 9 years now. I've recently been very serious about going back to RN school, but now I'm not so sure that I want to be a nurse forever! I've worked in a variety of settings including Med/Surg., pediatrics, newborn nursery, NICU, ICU, pediatric home health, post partum, small town ER, and a CNA and LVN Clinical Instructor. So, I'm thinking that I don't really need a change of scenery, because I've done a lot...but maybe I do??? I'm tired! I'm young still (28), and I know that I don't want to do bedside nursing forever, but do I want to leave nursing all together? I'm tired, I'm hate the long hours, I hate the commute of 3 hrs on top of a 12 hr day(no one in my area will hire LVN's), I'm tired of the political BS that's involved with nursing, and just unhappy. Part of me wants to get my RN so that I can have more opportunities, but part of me says No...what to do??
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Ask yourself what you would do instead of nursing and you might have your answer. Don't stay if you can explore some other line of work while you are still young enough to be able to do it. But, whatever you decide to do, keep your nursing license in an inactive status because you don't know what the future may bring.
  4. by   historylovinglpn
    I also had those very same thoughts. I am an Lvn but i pursued a degree in another field bc I was not sure I wantd to be an Rn. That degree did help me get other non nursing jobs but when the economy took a hit, I went back to nursing. So whatever you do, indeed keep your license up to date as stated above so that you have a fallback!
  5. by   jjsiegal
    Consider the following;

    -a move to another town/state
    -a job move
    -that RN sounds real good

    *Remember,...you have a JOB and a career that is "in demand." (not many people can say that)
    **perhaps take a reg.job for awhile to see what the real world has to offer.