Just got my license want to work in ER need help

  1. Hello, I just got my license. Can anybody give me advice of what i need to do to work in ER> Do I need to get extra classes or certificate to work in ER> Or do hospital hire new license people for ER. by the way I'm LPN
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  3. by   babynurselsa
    I would start by finding out if your local ER employs LPNs many do, but not all.

    You would need ACLS, TNCC. Some other helpful certs would be PALS, ENPC. A class in dysrythmias is also helpful. If you can get in these would be offered to you as an employee. You could take them on your own but it would be a bit costly.

    You could check with the HR at the hospital or try to meet with the NM to find out.
  4. by   LadyMarine
    I just started to work in the ER in minor care. I needed IV, blood draw, and EKG certification. You need to find out if the ER hires LPN's first. I am a new LPN, I was a CNA for 4 years and a EMT for 15 years. You may have to search for what you want but it is well worth it. Good Luck, Nancy
  5. by   jaramilm
    yes, you need to get your IV certification license. Need to know how to interpret EKG's and it would be best for you to get more experience perhaps in the Med surg floor but you can start at the ER too because it is very challenging but manageable.
    Now a lot of hospital are hiring LPN. But not all.
  6. by   ChristinaLPN
    Hi, I work in the ER of my local community hospital. The facility never had LPN's in the ER before so 2 years ago they started a pilot program and hired 8 of us. We were on orientation for 3 months and after orientation was over, 4 of the LPN's that were still scared to death wre sent to the floors for med-surg exp. 3 of them quit and the last one moved away, we now have 4 of us with supposedly 3 more on the way and were treated not the best. The RN's in the Emergency Dept really at first didnt know what to do with us, no one really knew our job description including the LPN's, first we could do this, then we couldnt, then the nrse manager would look into things and never get back to us.....its nuts. As far as what I do now (I'm there 2 years) I start IV's, draw bloods, pass meds, assist doctors and surgeons at the bedside, get patients on the cardiac monitors, read and interpret EKG's and I assist in the Trauma room when needed for CPR and so forth. I did take and pass the ACLS class and I inquired about taking TNCC but was told no because i can not push IV drugs, I also in my facility can not hang blood, do an initial assessment or access ports. We were just allowed to discharge patients WHOOPIE!! anyway, hope this helped!!