IV Certification

  1. [font="comic sans ms"]are there any lpn's out there who are iv certified? if so, do you have a special designation on your nursing license to verify this? and, do you have this designation on your name tag at work. i took the class and am using the knowledge to start iv's and hand meds, but there is nothing on my nametag other than lpn. i was just curious if things are done differently anywhere else?

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  3. by   Fiona59
    It's just a designation (like dialysis, OR and orthopedics specialty training)on our licenses up here. Most don't bother with it as the hospitals all have IV teams (RN's) who go around starting them.

    It's worth about an extra .50/hour, if employed in a the specialty.
  4. by   Darlene K.
    I have my IV & Central Lines Certification. It is mandatory for my employment. Nothing different on my license or on my name tag. Just a piece of paper to prove I took and passed the courses.
  5. by   lisamc1RN
    I just got my IV stick so once I graduate I will be IV certified. The school says it will be noted on my license.
  6. by   MDSlady
    Hi....I too am IV certified, however I am just able to do everything except actually start them. That's the "RN's" job. I don't have anything special on my license, however after I attended the IV class, we received a certificate and this is what we use to show certification...
  7. by   OneChattyNurse
    [font="comic sans ms"]we don't have a designation on our license here in iowa, i was just curious about other states. i figured it was state specific, just about like the differences between scope of practice for iv certified lpn's in other states. thanks for your replies, i appreciate the information!