Is this a dream? Medical Coder to LVN

  1. After completing my associates' degree in Medical Billing and Coding next month, what would be a good bachelor's degree option to upgrade to? I have thought about a bachelors degree in Healthcare Administration, but I have also thought of going the patient care route--being an LVN? I have a couple of job offers within the field of billing (entry lvl medical coding jobs are hard to come by in my area) and im excited about them. I know I want to further my education. I was a CNA before I began school for MB&C, so I know I have a passion for helping others.

    The LVN program begins in March 2018, and the bachelors degree program begins next semester. Either way my heart is in healthcare. Should I think about advancement and pay? How do i decide? I went and talked to my old LVN school and looks like my chances are good of reenrolling, I had all A's and im eligible to be a student again. They even told me I can miss the first few classes I had already completed previously, meaning no repeat.

    I cant stop thinking of what could of been when it comes to nursing. I have had dreams of myself graduating, working as a nurse, saving lives...its the weirdest thing. Almost like I was born to do it. Ever since my first stint in NS, I haven't been able to shake off this feeling! My boyfriend says I should follow my dream, and in a way he is right. I feel the reason I didn't truly thrive in the nursing program was due to issues at home, not in my accelerated program. That person is out of my life (who would prefer I be a housewife if we stayed together, eye roll) and my life has changed for the better since then. My heart was in it 100,000, problem was my failing marriage and constant stress intertwined with school 7-8 hrs a day without an outlet. I was also overweight at the time, struggling to find my perfect medium...not really knowing how to take care of myself fully. I was not happy at all!

    In a way, I feel as though I only completed the medical billing and coding associates degree program as a way to bounce back, like a rebound and immediately get on my feet from all the crap I endured from my 5 year marriage. But, was my heart truly in medical billing and coding??? Honestly, not at all. The truth hurts that I spent my money on an education I initially never anticipated, but should I roll with it anyway? I dont know, I have no clue.

    I understand that a medical biller/coder and lvn are a ways away from one another career wise, but this a matter of whether of not i should do some soul searching? Or buckle down and get ready to be a biller??

    I can be a huge critical thinker, and right now I had pros and cons but I just don't know what to tell myself.
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    Please some one, I really need your input. What would you do?
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    I was a medical transcriptionist who became interested in nursing. I had a degree in English but went the LPN route after a lay off. Good decision for me. It was an affordable way to get into nursing. I now have an RN and BSN both obtained while working and earning a great salary.
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    Now that's amazing! I truly enjoy those sort of stories where one follows their heart and pursues their dreams. I actually just got off the phone with my nursing school, they called me! & they would like to meet with me on December 5th regarding reenrolling. Conincidentally, I graduate with my Associates in Medical Billing and Coding the 4th of December. I'm kinda taking it as a sign now! Thank you for your response, it means a lot to me, especially since you know how it feels to change careers. It seems it's been working well for you as you have now obtained your BSN. That's very encouraging.