Interview bombed.

  1. I just had a nursing interview this morning for an LVN volunteer position. Showed up at 10:50 for an 11:00 interview. Receptionist didn't tell them I was there until 11:15 which made me look like I was late so I could already tell it wasn't going well. During the interview I was being cut off my phone calls and people walking in the room. I got through it ( barely) and I was asked by the DON a bunch of scenario questions. Being my first interview, I was pretty nervous. She gave the following

    - What are the 5 rights
    - What experience do I have passing meds ( I'm a new grad and just received my license last month)

    and scenarios:

    1. If a patient comes to you with chest pain what would you assess?
    - I said I would check the abcs, see if the patient is alert, see if the pain was in one area or radiating through arm
    ( i didn't say it in that order).

    2. If a patient comes to you with a cough, what would you assess for?
    - I said i would check the drainage/sputum note the color and odor, Check the lung sounds..

    3. If a patient has a fever what would you assess and let the doctor know?
    - I had NO CLUE how to answer.

    Needless to say I'm pretty sure I'm not getting in. She didn't seem like she liked any of my answers and kept asking me what I would assess for and if i ever had any experience. She seemed pretty irritated as well. I told her we were only sent to nursing homes during clinical. Anyways, I was wondering exactly how DO you answer these questions? I feel so stupid. I can pass the nclex but I can't answer any of these??
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  3. by   Anne36
    Thanks for sharing, I will be in your shoes in less than a year from now. I have not been through med-surg 2 yet but this is what I would say so far.

    #1. With chest pain I would assess shortness of breath, sputum, LOC, ask about radiating pain in neck, arms, shoulder? I would also get a pulse ox in particular.

    #2. With a cough, I would assess if there is sputum, then color and consistancy. I would listen to breath sounds and mabye take a temp.

    #3. With a fever I would note the temperature, then I would assess mucous membranes and urinary output?
  4. by   Meriwhen
    Don't be too hard on yourself: this was one of your first interviews as a new grad. That's enough to make it nerve-wracking. Then the interview didn't start off well from the beginning through no fault of your own (I had my own battle with a lazy receptionist today so I feel your pain). Then that plus the phone ringing and people milling in and out, your anxiety probably shot up and you were thrown off. It happens to the best of us.

    One thing that would be helpful for you (IMO): practice interviews. Look up common interview questions and develop answers for them. And then rehearse those answers by yourself, with a friend, to your cat...just practice. That will help you sound more confident during the interviews.

    You could also look up a few medical scenarios and craft answers for them...don't make yourself crazy by trying to cover every possibility because they don't expect you to know everything--it's not as though they'll ask about open heart surgery (unless that's what you're applying for). But come up with some good answers for basic things like SOB, chest pain, patient questioning the medication you gave them.

    And if you don't know the answer to something, don't try to fake it or say "I dunno" and leave it at that. Instead, say "I don't know, but I would look it up/ask another nurse/ask my supervisor to find out." That sounds better.