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  1. Hey everyone! I've been a LPN since July 2011 but I've never had a job. I had applied at a few places with no luck. But yesterday I received a call from one of the places for an interview. It's on Friday. What should I wear? Any tips on makeup, hair, nails? What kind of questions should I expect? I'm very nervous! Thanks!
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    First impressions make a lasting impression. I don't really think the person interviewing you cares what color polish you are wearing. Neat and presentable is the key. Not to toot my own horn... I graduated June 2011, but just started looking for work last month. I didn't have many interviews, but I was offered the job to all five places that I interviewed for. This is what I blue suit, pearl earings, heels (my flats were in the car), no polish...i keep my nails cut and clean, I don't wear much make up...lip gloss is good enough for me, my hair was neat. Carried a small leather case with my resume and references. Now I'm not saying that this is what you have to do, this is ONLY WHAT I DID. After each interview I followed up with "Thank you for the interview" cards. One place told me they haven't gotten one of those in a long time. Don't be nervous go in there with a smile. Be confident about yourself. All the best to you! Keep us posted.
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    I just wanted to add that you should know a little about the place that you hope to get the job! It shows them you have interest in their facility. Do a little research about them! It's not just about what they will ask you, but a chance for you to ask them questions. Good luck, I hope you get the job!
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    Newnurse_12 Thanks! Good advice!