Illinois LPN Central Lines/TPN

  1. I am a DON in Illinois in long term care. At my facility we have always followed the rule that LPN's are unable to administer TPN. Our new administrator feels this in incorrect. I have been unable to find a scope of practice or LPN regulations that specifically state this.

    Can anyone direct me to the correct information?

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   juvynurse
    I know this doesn't help one bit as I don't live in Illinois, but here in Idaho, LPN's can't hang TPN either.

    We can, according to our scope of practice guidelines, do dressing changes on multi med lines, but we can't hang anything on those ports or flush them.

    Maybe it comes down to we all know how to do it, we've seen it done a thousand times, and administration is trying to cut costs by having LPN's infiltrate the scope of RN's a little bit? I'm just guessing, but that wouldn't be the first time I've seen that happen. Personally, I wouldn't want that liability.

    Have you tried to call the Illinois board of nursing? I'm sure there is someone there that could answer your question.
  4. by   adidas99
    I live in Illinois. No,as an LPN you can NOT hang TPN or do anything with a central line, picc line, etc. Unless you want to keep your license, you let an RN do it. Now, we can PRIME the TPN for the RN, to help her out, but absolutely we can not hang it
  5. by   mscsrjhm
    Missouri and Kansas- LPNs can hang TPN, flush Central lines, draw blood from central lines
    Cannot Hang blood/blood products, access porta-caths, de-access porta-caths, cannot give IV push meds
    Kansas can give IV push meds