I passed my NCLEX! Now what?...

  1. I just dont really know where to start or what to look for. Fortunatly, there are plenty of opportunities for new graduates in New Jersey. I've been searching the web and the newspaper, but i dont want to just take the first thing i get, and i want to be well prepared for an interview and know what to expect. Does anybody know of any good resources, a website maybe that can help me with this? Thanks!!!

    By the way, 205 questions! I was certain i failed. Thank god I passed!
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  3. by   Tweety

    I would just apply at places you'd be interested in, such as do you like LTC? Bedside acute care?

    Good luck!
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    It you plan on getting your RN go ahead and statrt taking your core for that before you become complacent.

    When you were doing your clinical rotation, did one area interest you more? If so, try and go that route. I'll always tell you to go where your skills will be honed and used FIRST. Then you can kind of open your range up.
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    hi sugarmag, i feel the exact same way!! i passed my nclex pn last week. btw, i'm nextdoor, in NEW YORK. i've been looking into ambulatory outpatient care clinics, the scheduling is better and they usually prefer lpn's, and keep rn's in the hospitals. i'm a full time student at a community college now taking my prerequisites for the associates in nursing program i would like to get into. so now i am between finding a per diem position or a part time position. dont know what to do with myself either, but i dont want to wait too long. good luck!