I am not sure about these scores

  1. Hello Nurse Family,

    I am totally stressing. I am an A student and I just came back from takling the NETtest. The test was not hard but I do not feel I did well. I expect to start the LPN program in the fall , I will courageously list my scores and someone please tell me what is going On
    net composite score 56% 56%
    net percentile rank 50% 50%
    math score 73% 57%
    composite reading 39% 53%
    Reading Percentile Rank 20 50
    Reading Level Instructional

    I did not finish the reading portion
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  3. by   bcskittlez
    You did very well I believe. I am unsure about the reading?? This is not a grade that is figured out of 100%...

    I had to edit because I looked at the reading composite again. I am unsure of your average in reading. Some schools want just an over all 55 or above.. some want 55 in math, 55 in reading.. what are your school guidelines?
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  4. by   GAA30
    There ar eno guidelines for my school. You are awarded points based on your G.P.A., autobiography,work ethics,admissions test into the college,letters of recommendations,and your net. I am so nervous because my reading score was a 39 and this is passing but so low for me. Everything else regarding the criteria is literally perfect.
  5. by   bcskittlez
    Oh ok then don't worry about it. You probably haven't had to take that type of test in a while..I've seen the smartest make the same or below on that test. It's just the way you are thinking at the time...