How to transfer a Florita LPN license to New York License

  1. Does anyone know all the things I need in order to do this? My teacher really has no idea I know I probably have to take a different exam for the state but what else I need to do. I want to know everything & have everything ready

    *sorry I just realized I wrote Florita instead of Florida
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  3. by   lorettap
    If you already are licensed in florida contact new york board of nursing they are very helpful. i do know there are a couple of requierments for that state license, good luck!
  4. by   VM85
    you dont have to take the nclex over- its a national test. you just have to get a duplication of your license for another state....which would prob require a fee cuz its all about the money but if that state has different requirements you may have to take classes/courses to catch up to their standards(ive been told)....your responsible for knowing that states scope of practice too so its good to do a little background and research.