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  1. I worked in a LTC facility 10 years ago as a CNA and was a good employee except for one thing...I didnt work out my full here I am 10 years later and I am now an LPN with great work record and great references....I want to go back to that LTC facility but cant seem to even get an interview! I have even asked HR if they can tell me if I am even eligible for rehire and all they say is that they do a case by case I guess that means maybe I am...any suggestions on anything I could do to help get back on there? Thanks for any advise!
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  3. by   xoemmylouox
    Well I would see if the DON or ADON are the same. You need an "in" to get an interview.
  4. by   scrublifenurse10
    The DON is different than when I was there previously...should I try to contact her directly?
  5. by   xoemmylouox
    Well if it is a different person I don't know how much help the DON will be. Perhaps you have a unit manager that is still there? You could always just submit an app. and go from there. This may take awhile since technically you shouldn't be eligible for rehire. Good luck,
  6. by   itsmejuli
    Get your interview gear on, print up your resume and go in there and ask for DON.
  7. by   scrublifenurse10
    So....I called HR and she said my application was forwarded to the DON....waited a couple days and called the DON...she said she didnt have my application and would check with HR and call me back...called me back in a couple minutes and told me HR has my application and would call me if they have questions or if a FT jobs opens up....THEY HAVE NEW FT JOBS POSTED EVERY WEEK!!!! Any suggesrions on what to do?? Am I getting the run-around??? Should I just let it go...cause I really want to work there.
  8. by   xoemmylouox
    Sounds to me like the run around. If you really want the job you could keep checking in. I however would not want in an environment where I had to beg for a job.
  9. by   meandmine1984
    Yes it sounds like ur getting the run around a whole lot.!!!! U r better than that. Find somewhere else to work.
  10. by   scrublifenurse10
    Quote from meandmine1984
    Yes it sounds like ur getting the run around a whole lot.!!!! U r better than that. Find somewhere else to work.
    Your absolutely right! Whether they care to see it or not....I am a good nurse...and they will miss out on having a good employee! I am applying to other places...and I am not calling them anymore. The only way I will be talking to them is if they call me. I have already wasted too much time trying to get an interview...I am moving on!
  11. by   meandmine1984
    Now that's a REAL NURSES (R.N.):smile:attitude for you!!! Good for you!!! I love it!!
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