How long can I wait?

  1. I graduated LPN school in 2004. Since then there have been dramatic changes in my life. First, I am going through a divorce (UGLY). I had worked for a group of doctors for almost 10 months but do not have a lot of experience in LTC. I worked for brief (days) periods of time in LTC but because everytime I started a new job something dramatic would happen in my personal life I did not stay. Now my life is back together but I have found a good job outside of nursing. My question is how long can I wait before I would not be considered to work in LTC. I do not want to have to take refresher courses. I have been keeping up to date on medical advances through magazines and web sites. I know I have not lost my skills and feel very competent in my abilities. I have run into a few medical emergencies along the way and have remebered everything without second thought. My second question is do I mention my previous jobs in LTC and how I "flaked out" on them? TIA
    >>>Hasn't anyone taken anytime off from nursing and able to give me some advice??
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Many LTCFs are so desperate for staff that they will hire you with your lack of experience and not think twice about their decision to hire you.

    I am an inexperienced LVN who has never had problems being hired at LTCFs. Be sure to take into account your geographical region and hiring trends there.