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  1. Hi all! It has been quite some time since I posed but you guys are always great! I love the advise and tips I get on here, so here it goes:

    I am a home health nurse looking for more patients. I have all paperwork up to date, and 2 years experience. I lost four diabetics at a facility that changed agencies. I am looking to get that many diabetics back again. Agencies I tried months ago only had one patient or two patients here and there, and short term cases, which is very hard financially. Since loosing these four patients, Ive asked my current agency, and one I worked for in the past for more work, but not much came of that. I was very fortunate and lucky to have what I did, its very difficult to replace unfortunately.

    So now you know my story, my question is this: what resources have helped you guys get jobs? Do people still use Craigs List, Career Builder? Are there newer job finding sites, (or apps) that work well? Did you contact the agencies (or facilities) directly to get you job? (Without finding them on a job posting site.)?

    There is this new App I just saw on Craig's list called Rest Up Caregivers.. its supposed to be the Uber for nurses. I have not signed up yet, but was thinking about it. Has anyone ever used this App?

    My plan is this... look for jobs on Craig's List, Career Builder, and contact agencies directly. I may or may not do the Rest up App thing.... Any other ideas?

    Thanks everyone for your help!
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  3. by   Shelby_D
    Try Glassdoor, and indeed, many jobs are posted at those sites...
  4. by   caliotter3
    Get a listing of home health agencies online (in the old days you would use the yellow pages of a phonebook), and start to visit each one with your employment documents in hand to apply. Usually you will be interviewed and hired on the spot for extended care work.