Help on filling out the challenge application for LVN in Ca

  1. So i have been applying for my daughter to take the challenge LVN lic in California...she has five yrs working in a big hospital system...and everytime rhey return the application telling me the work hrs for the specialty is not adding up...its been 2yrs of back anf fort with these people...can someone help a sista out!!!!
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  3. by   egglady
    Why are you doing this FOR your daughter instead of her doing it? What department of the hospital does she have experience in?
  4. by   elkpark
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    I would think that, if your daughter is old enough and responsible enough to be an LVN, she is capable of figuring out and completing her own application forms.
  5. by   Nickar26
    She works in med surg...but float all over the hospital. She has worked in every dept and has aquire the hours needed in each specialty... Is there anyone who got approved for the Lvn in California...BTW she been full ing out her own application...she is quite capable...but just got frustrated...its been 3yrs of back on i took it over and did it this one time...they are very was also return just for not putting the facility name...which was not i just would like to know if anyone out there had this issue....
  6. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Three years? She could have attended and graduated nursing school a few times by now. This is a limited license rarely granted to aides, most are international registered nurses that are ineligible to be licensed as RN in CA. Is it really worth it? Yes they are extremely specific and picky if each required specialty does not have the mandated time and verification of skills performed by the employer. Too long since you took the pharmacology course? Too bad. Three years is usually the maximum that bvnpt will consider an application.