Help!!! I Cant get hired anywhere!

  1. I am a newly licensed PN in Broward county Florida and I can't find a job anywhere! I applied to 15+ openings (hospitals,nursing homes, HHA,LTC,ALF,ect..) and every place REQUIRES 1 year experience! They all have said that I interview very well, but they can't hire me without the experience! I dont understand how I can get 1 year experience if no one will hire me to get it! This is very discouraging! If anybody knows of places that hire newly licensed PN w/o experience in the Broward/Miami Dade county please Help!!!! It would be greatly appreciated!!!
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  3. by   Sensoria17
    I don't have any advice since I'm in the same situation. The nursing homes here aren't necessarily requiring experience, they just aren't hiring, period. All we can do is keep applying. I plan on taking an I.V./Blood withdrawal class this month so maybe that will make me a bit more marketable.
  4. by   jigzawnurse28
    i am about to study LVN. and im interested with these kind of issues. you have a point, how can you get experience if no one is hiring you. i hope more people will reply on this thread to enlighten us up.
  5. by   amjowens
    When I was in LPN school, I volunteered for hospice and a nursing home. Although for my first job I still had to commute about an hour, it was this volunteer experience that was talked about during the interview, and think it got me the job. I know it's not money, but at least you're out there showing you're willing, and possibly getting to know people in the business...for the hospice place, I was told that after I get my one-year experience (they actually require it for home care) that they want to hire me! At least it made me feel good, and who this economy, we've got to do the traditional job-search stuff like networking.
  6. by   kstec
    Is the area your in just wanting a year experience for LPN's, or for RN's also?