Going crazy awaiting NCLEX results:(

  1. Wow I had know clue I would react this way, but i guess we learn something new about ourselves all the time. I took my Nclex pn yesterday, and I feel like a week has gone by already. That test was out of this world....totally underestimated it . There were questions on there with options that did'nt seem to match the question asked ...At ALL ...and i got ALL 205 questions.:uhoh21: .I walked out of there looking like this:uhoh21: ...I drove home looking like this ....and by the time I got home it came to this:bowingpur and I remain like this:uhoh21:... until I get the results. I've read some of the post on this website and cannot believe the people testing in cali are forced to go through what I am going through now for weeks. That is horrible and totally detrimental to health. The wait is 3 to 5 day here in florida. and I've already been to the testing website 5 times...,<---sad. Anyway this is to much...those of u feeling the same way....maybe even worst..please share your pain. Godbless u all and good luck:Crash:
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  3. by   RN BSN 2009
    good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. by   Gingerbell
    I feel your pain. . . . almost 4 weeks worth! :angryfire Best of luck and prayers to you.