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I was fired Jan. 14, 2004 and have only had two jobs since then, working approx. 8 months since that day.A situation that will haunt me the rest of my life.This not only has affected me, but my... Read More

  1. by   jojotoo
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    hmmmm - wonder if this could work in any state - ie the incident report - if nothing else if you make one and hand it in with witness and keep a copy there would be some sort of paper trail if anything should happen - may not protect me but may at least make the facilty accountable also for the short staffing - gonna try this - thanks

    In most hospitals, it's against policy to make a copy of an incident report.
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    Quote from jojotoo
    In most hospitals, it's against policy to make a copy of an incident report.
    i have written up an incident report in regards to me and asked for a copy and gotten it - maybe being a nursing home? i dont see how they can keep you from getting a copy of an incident report that is in regards to yourself though anwhere - if i write up that i was not staffed adequately in my opinion and lost the number of staff and residents without listing names i wouldnt think it would be against anything - it certainly doesnt go againts hippa when its my name and only numbers not names of staff or residents. food for thought though - will have to check further into it - thanks.
  3. by   SaderNurse05
    Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong but .... I thought I'd read posts from Texas nurses who thought safe harbour was a joke ... mostly because Texas is an "at will" state where you can be fired for pretty much anything. Some of them said they'd seen nurses get fired for safe harbour, even though technically the hospital claimed it was for something else.

    This was my experience. When another nurse and I tried to talk to our supervisor about Safe Harbor we were told we would be gone in a month. When we talked to other nurses who had been there longer they said no one had ever claimed SH and kept their job long. With the at will employment law in Texas it is difficult to stay if they want you gone. And honestly, who wants to work somewhere that is being forced to keep you? BTW, both my friend and I were gone in 6 weeks.. to different jobs.
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    Quote from jojotoo
    In most hospitals, it's against policy to make a copy of an incident report.
    If you can't make a copy, it will say so on the incident report. And if you do make a copy anyway against policy, it could cause more problems than it would solve. If that's the case, get somebody to witness it.

  5. by   augigi
    The reason for non-copying being that incident reports are meant to be an honest, in-house way to audit errors etc. If people were worried about them being used in a court case, they would not voluntarily report incidents.