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i have been job searching for 3 weeks now, sending out my resumes, etc etc. just went for an interview yesterday, wouldn't u know i had to interview with 3 different people....i completely blanked... Read More

  1. by   General E. Speaking, RN
    Quote from TheCommuter
    Finally someone tells the truth. The LPN pay rates offered by the hospitals are absolutely pitiful around here. In addition, hospital work is harder with a more demanding pace. I am not putting my license on the line for a measly pay rate of $12.50 or $13 per hour when I can earn $20 hourly at a nursing home.

    I will work at a hospital after I earn my RN license. However, working at a hospital as an LVN is not worth it to me at this time.
    According to our HR Dept. our LVN pay scale at my hospital in Texas is from $13.77 up to 20.86. Fortunately, my scale is further to the right because of experience, but I cannot imagine working as a new LVN on a Med-Surg unit for $13 plus change! Good Luck in the job search.