Frustrated, Confused after first interview

  1. Hello all,

    I went in for my first ever interview at a psych/long term care facility in my town. The position I was interviewing for is a 32 hour position- 3rd shift. The interview went well, we talked, she asked some scenario question, etc and seemed satisfied with my answers. However, as the interview was winding down, she mentioned that another manager who works on a different floor had asked to interview with me for a 24 hour position as well, and told me she would take me down to meet her.

    The woman wasn't available at the moment so I was told that I would get a call for a meeting with this 24-hour-position-woman. We said goodbye. I left feeling completely frustrated, and as though this interviewer had tried to "pull a fast one on me". I am annoyed that I wasn't even "asked" if I was interested in a 24 hour position, but rather just "told" that I would interview for it.

    At this point I am so confused as to which position they are intending to give me, and it's especially frustrating because I don't think I want a 24 hour position. Is there an obvious reason why I would be referred to a 24 hour position instead of the 32 hour one I applied for? Does this mean they don't want me to have the 32 hour position? x-( not happy.
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  3. by   marycarney
    I think you are WAY overreacting. They had a second position. They wanted you to interview since you were already there. Big deal.

    If they offer you a job you don't want - don't take it. Simple.
  4. by   MimiLPN
    Yeah you're probably right. I guess I just hate being unclear and that I wasn't even asked if I wanted the 24 hour position... like they were just intending to place me there as long as it worked for them... especially since the interviewer was talking like I was already hired.
  5. by   theleaf
    I'd feel so lucky to be in your shoes. I'm still looking for my first job. Be happy that they're talking to you like you're hired. Just my 2
  6. by   MimiLPN
    You guys are absolutely right. I actually got a call back later that evening from the DON and she clarified a bunch of things... I was given a lot of fragmented information from the manager that caused me to feel like I was "missing" something- it just wasn't clear. Thanks for reading, I think I just needed to vent/get some reassurance that I am in fact just over reacting.
  7. by   Elladora
    Glad it all worked out! My thought was that maybe they wanted to get a better feel for you. Interviewers get stressed and overthink sometimes too. :-)