Frazzled...contemplating home/hospice care

  1. I am just completely fried from working in a Skilled Nursing Facility that has nearly sucked the life out of me....I did home health as a CNA for years, but have been hesitant about Home Health as an LVN. I think my biggest concern is worrying that there won't be enough work, (at least 32 hours a week) I don't want to work for numerous agencies, I'd like to work with just one, possibly 2. I know some agencies offer benefits, but how can they do this if the hours are not quaranteed? Any thoughts or help is appreciated....
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  3. by   pagandeva2000
    What you can consider doing is bite the bullet and see if you can work for an agency per diem, on the days you are off. If they are always calling you to come to work, you may see that they have plenty of hours. I'd do that before I leave something secure for something that may not be. In any event, my experience has shown me that home health nursing may pay more than others.
  4. by   Kashia
    I am LVN, worked busy med surg 5 yrs and so burnt out I had to take time off work. I work agency home health care. The trick is to sign up with more than one home health agency, maybe two or three, so you can be more assured of getting hours you need. Welcome to sanity!
  5. by   Ks mommy nurse
    I say if you're burnt out from your job it's time to look for another. I did the snf and didn't like it. So I went back to home health and wouldn't change it. ( At least for now). It's a good idea to start with two or three agencies until one or two find you your own permanent case. There are new cases all the time, as I'm told by my agency, but they have to refuse or refer them to someone else because there arent enough nurses to take the cases. The pay is better and I'd rather work in a less stressful environment and have more time to devote it to my patient.