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  1. I moved from Ct. where I held a lpn nursing license since 1970 and in the move my renewal did not catch up to me. I had moved a couple of times since I arrived in Florida so consequently my Ct. license expired and I didnt realize it. I was told in order to obtain my Florida licensure which I had once had, when I thought that I would move down here and didnt, I was told that I would have to resit for the boards again or go back to Ct. and take Ct. boards and then transfer my scores down here. Is there any other way to do that. I have proof that I had taken my Ct. boards, but I do not have proof that I have had a Ct. lpn license. Some people told me that I could take the Nclex exam on line and that would help me. Is this true? Please respond.........
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  3. by   J Lynn
    I've never heard of taking the NCLEX online. Sorry about your situation, it must be so stressful having to figure this out. I'll pray that everything falls into place for you.
  4. by   resqyou35
    i am a florida paramedic looking into going through rn program through excelsior. i know florida only lets you sit for florida's nclex only if you have lpn before completing excelsior's rn program. i have heard that after a certain "semester" you can sit for the lpn exam for fl. does anybody know the details on this? i know the "back door" way is to take say for example, south carolina's nclex and then apply for endorsement from florida. i don't want to go that route though..even if this is possible.
  5. by   suebird3
    Once you have sat for Boards and passed, you should be eligible for reciprocity. There are NO "seperate" State Boards that I am aware of. Is there any way you can get a copy of your CT license?