Float LPN frustration

  1. I work in the float pool of the hospital system in our town. It has two campuses. One is the main medical complex (med/surg floors, ER, ICU, OB, etc), the other is mental health and a LTC facility. I haven't been trained in LTC yet because they didn't have an opening when I finished my mental health training. So I've been floating. When I'm in the mental health unit I get to work as an LPN. But on the medical units, all I can do is CNA work. I am sooooo frustrated, half the time I come home and cry. My boss promised me with the first schedule of the new year I could train in the LTC unit. But once that's done and I go back to floating and I'm as frustrated as I am now I want to quit.

    I know why then am I in the float pool? It was because I needed a job immediately when my husband lost his. I wasn't yet an LPN but was going to get it soon. That was the only position in our system that would let me move up.

    Any thoughts/advice for dealing with being an underused LPN, unappreciated LPN?
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  3. by   pagandeva2000
    Are you already an LPN...did you take the boards? If so, I would think that they will offer you a position in your vocation sooner than later and then...watch out!! You'll have more work than you dreamed!! Hang in there, speak to the nursing department and tell them what you are feeling and ask how soon will you work as an LPN. Best of luck!
  4. by   guislander
    I am an LPN. I past my boards in september. That's the problem.
  5. by   nursesaideBen
    That sounds extremely frustrating to not be used to the full extent that you could!! I think talking to them about a permanent position on one of the units as a nurse not an aide or for them to start using you as a nurse when you float instead of an aide would be extremely appropriate and depending on how the conversation goes afterwards either wait to see if they do what they say they will or searching for a job at another facility would be appropriate. Best of Luck and keep us posted!