First job after licensure.

  1. Hello all,
    I am just curious about how long it took for you guys to land your firs job after you got your license. I've been a nurse for all of two seconds and I'm anxious to get to work. I'm a CNA and I work in a rehab facility ( they aren't hiring Lpn's at the moment). Anyways ive been applying to jobs and I'm hoping I get a call back soon.
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  3. by   quiltynurse56
    About three or four weeks. This was after sending out resumes and applications to facilities looking for LPNs. In my area, we are needed. I had two interviews and the second one offered me a job which I accepted.
  4. by   CNAbutLPN2be2017
    Ok thank you, I'll just be more patient!
  5. by   Floor_Nurse
    I was hired on as a graduate nurse before I passed the board exam. I have found it VERY easy to find a new job so be choosy.
  6. by   CassInWonderland
    I'm an LVN in Southern CA I received my license in the mail on Thursday and had a job the following week working for a sub acute/rehab facility
  7. by   NerdyMedSurgNurse
    I passed my NCLEX on April 4th, and my start date at the hospital was April 12th. My process was really quick, due in part to having done a lot of clinical hours at the site, and getting to know the DON. Other students that graduated with me were also hired on rather quickly. The hospital that i'm at has completely revised their LPN policy, which I'm thankful for. We're not stuck with all swing bed patients and are now getting acute care patients in our load. The new "team nursing" approach that's been implemented is fantastic, and the protocol encompasses our whole scope of practice. Wish you well
  8. by   CNAbutLPN2be2017
    Thanks for the responses! I start my new job this coming Monday at a rehabilitation/ nursing home facility. Super excited but also super nervous. It took about three weeks.