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  1. Has anyone heard of an agency named: Exclusive Nursing Staff Inc? They are located on New Utrecht Avenue in Brooklyn NY.
    Just wanted any feedback on if they're a good agency for LPN's or not.
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  3. by   TJenkins521
    I have heard of them, but don't know much about them. Was going to apply to them being that they stated that they take New Grad LPN's!
  4. by   MrsCeeTaylor
    That's what they say! I did fill out paperwork only to be told that they didn't have anything available, which I believe was a bunch of BS! A week after the man said there was no work they had an ad posted for needing nurses in Jamaica Queens...makes no sense!
  5. by   chrissy4985
    Any one else apply?
  6. by   nursebettyboop240
    I had the same experience as MrsCeeTaylor. They did say on their online post that they had immediate placement & jobs available. I wonder what is it that their up to? I'm worried that they are fraudulent & they have all my documents.
  7. by   esther1234
    Great Agency... i got my job as a new grad (it took some time but it was worth waiting)
    wonder full Experience ....Exclusive you are the best !!
    keep up your good work!!!
  8. by   jdemartines
    I applied for a job on craigslist. The post was from exclusive nursing. They want me to come in tuesday. I'm not sure if this place is legit. Should I bother going? They are asking for many important documents like my social security card my birth certificate etc. They did not do a phone interview or anything like that yet. Does anybody have any experience with them to ease my mind a little? Thanks so much.
  9. by   VanessaK83
    They are a scam. I went in for a interview and nothing happened after I was promised a lot. Use white glove care they are great!

    Nurse King
  10. by   JNurses
    I went and applied in person at the agency they are very help full friendly and very respect full
    helping me out to get the job a soon as possible. i got an position at near bye facility close to my house
    i'm very thank full for Exclusive for helping me get a job out of school (as a matter of fact i went to quite a few other agency's including White Glove Care they were not able to help me to get a job as a nurse as soon as i wanted . as a few of the agency's i had went to apply had mentioned to me that they have more applicants then openings so it will take them some time to place me )as we all have different experience witch each agency ......
    so I had my luck and good experience at Exclusive Nursing Staff and i'm very thank full for them

    Joey C LPN
  11. by   EULAtom
    1. What laws are their to protect new nursing students for these agencies?

    I was recommended by my pretty blonde, tall colleague who got hired long, long ago (their address had changed from some other Brooklyn NY address).
    Their New address is : Exclusive Nursing Staff Inc.  Address: 5519 New Utrecht Avenue, New York, NY 11219Phone:(718) 484-8280

    1. I submitted (on or about the End of May 2015) all of my pertinent legal documents but never receive immediately nursing placement as they said…waited for months nothing. And nothing. Called & called and One thing for sure, they'll never call you back even after leaving messages, even after being placed on hold and accidentally hanging up, or they never pick up because of Sabat Shalom. Don't call Fridays noon. I gave up hope! Why call them in August 2015? Do not waste your time. I think for sure their advertisement is not true in my case. Exclusive requested all pertinent documents. I submitted the following to ----------------- and administrative -------------------of Exclusive Nursing staff, Brooklyn NY: (1)RESUME
    5. PHOTO ID
    6. PROOF OF CITIZENSHIP OR WORK AUTHORIZATION (Green Card or Passport or birth Certificate)
    8. CPR
    9. (MALPRACTICE) +direct deposit check , etc. & more

    1. It is false advertisement "advertisement of immediate nursing”. Don’t bother to stop by new graduates. I am feeling as if my identity papers were stolen. “Exclusive employees are our greatest asset. We offer the following benefits... $26,$27,$28/hr ... Weekly Pay/ Direct Deposits ... Guaranteed Hours ... Excellent hourly pay rates...Our health Care professionals receive the top pay rates in the industry... Professional Health insurance Coverage” OVER THE Phone,Later they said to me that they have more jobs for CNA. Really? I tell you false ad.
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  12. by   JNurses
    Hi EULAtom

    it bothers me to hear that you were not placed as of yet
    as a matter of fact i got referred to exclusive nursing staff through my college mate
    she applied 2-3 month before me, Exclusive had send her Documents to several facility's to be placed for work as a Nurse
    but for long period of time (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME) and the crew at exclusive tried till they were able to find her a position by the end of 3rd month of applying they were successful and she had been placed
    at a facility ,she is extremely happy with her job.....
    so please give them a chance to be able to place you
    as a matter of fact (MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME) is very helpfull you can give a call again to follow up with her
    happens to be that on Fri there open only till 1 pm

    Best Regards
    Joey C LPN
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  13. by   erica nurse123
    I live in New york city / Queens and was looking for a nursing LPN position as a new graduate without any previous nursing experience at all. I wanted to be placed in Queens close to home ,I applied online and the recruiter at exclusive called me , I was thinking If I should go down to them since they are located in Brooklyn and it's a bit of a ride to get to Brooklyn but I decided to go and give it a try.
    I went and they got me a job at an facility near my house in Queens with a Great pay, (i started almost a year ago) .
    It was worth to go and apply.. they are extremely devoted to their applicants
    I just wanted to thank you all at exclusive nursing staff for all your help ...KEEP UP YOUR GOOD WORK!!!