East Coast vs West Coast Question...

  1. After reading some posts i couldn't help but notice the rather large pay scale difference of the 2 coasts. I am a brand spanking new LPN in Jersey ( I have 12 yrs expr in physical rehab and TBI) . My sister is attending JFK outside of San Fran,Ca. And is trying very hard to convince me to think about relocating out there.

    If I was to do something like that what would I have to do to get my license out there? And I was wondering if what I'm seeing as a pay rate (24+ an hour) is typical for new LPN? Also the cost of living is probably higher then here?

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  3. by   TheCommuter
    San Francisco has some of the highest housing prices in the nation. Sure, it's very true that you'll earn $24 to $27 as an LVN in San Francisco, but you'll also pay $1,800 for a 1 bedroom apartment or $700,000 for a tiny house. The only way you could take advantage of San Francisco wages without being eaten by the cost of living is to commute. You could work in San Francisco, and live in an inland city such as Sacramento.
  4. by   Sensoria17
    Alameda and Contra Costa counties are each anywhere between 20-45 minutes from SF (depending on the city) and are a lot cheaper both in terms of rent and property. A decent 1 bedroom will run you about $1100. Sacramento would be way too far of a commute. Without traffic, it will take 1.5 hrs. One plus with all these areas (SF, CC, and Alameda counties) is that they are all connected by the BART train system so if you live outside of SF it is an easy commute into the city. Once in the city, buses will get you everywhere (believe me, you don't want to drive in the city!).
  5. by   sleepyndopey
    I live and work in South Jersey(ocean county). I make over $25 and hour, $3. shift diff plus $5 weekend diff(thats $33. on weekend 3-11) at a LTC/sub-acute. Sometimes I do agency and i get $32/hr. I left a hospital 6 years ago and I made 21.50/hr. I think new nurses at my facility get about 21/hr. I know of other places in the area that pay new LPNs 24/hr. I have a friend who works at an ALF and she has been an LPN for 6 months. She makes $17/hr. If you can find hospital jobs they pay less then LTC/agency.
    Good Luck