did not passed... HELP

  1. HELP!!! Well hi everyone I am so sad i took nclex pn for the second time and I failed, I am lost I dont know what to study its too much. But i must pass and become a NURSE. HELP. What do you recommend I study?
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  3. by   jmking
    Try buying a few practice books and treat them as the actual tes, and no looking in the back at the answers!...are you anxious...you may need to examine your test taking skills.
  4. by   grievsterlvn
    I think the best thing is relax. When ur stressed it's not good! What did ur test shut off at?
  5. by   Clarissa_
    Thanks guys... well my computer shut off at 85, both of the times, the first time i felt like i had failed but the second time i was really sure I had passed but I didnt, ive studied Kaplan, saunders....
  6. by   jbear007
    Stay focused and ....i stopped at 86 still waiting for my results....so yeah....anyways good luck!

    I know you will pass the next time around
  7. by   haley4
    I know how you are feeling. I myself failed nclex 3 times, but I didn't give up. Now don't you give up you can do this. Try to relax and when you are up to it go purchase the Kaplan Strategies 2008 edition. This book really helps it teaches you different strategies to use while testing. It's great. I passed the 4th time around, my computer shut off at 85. So please keep tring.
  8. by   Clarissa_
    [font=lucida sans unicode] oh, yeah well everything is so frustrating. but thanks, i know i have to study hard and take the test again when i feel prepared. thanks for your support everyone.