Calls from work gave me insomnia afterwards

  1. I love my job and as nurse, but sometimes its hard when i get home and fellow nurses call me to confirm something during my shift and most of the time it is not very important, then i cant sleep anymore coz i just want to get back to work so i can fix it. I work nights so il be back the same day but they cant wait!! :-(
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  3. by   libran1984
    Try to improve your charting. Then when someone calls you, you may respond with "I already charted that. You should read my progress notes." Then you may begin to make formalized complaints about the ineptitude around you and look like a rock star.

    .... Or shut off your phone.
  4. by   TheCommuter
    I agree with the previous poster's suggestion to turn off your phone.

    I'm a hardcore night shift worker and the ringer to my phone remains off while I am sleeping during the day. In other words, if anyone at the workplace has a question or notification for me, they can leave a message and I will check it when I awaken.

    Nobody messes with my sleep. Moreover, my personal rule of thumb is to keep my work life strictly separate from my home sphere.
  5. by   pinayko
    Thanks Libran1984 & Thecommuter for your post. I will follow your advice because calls from work surely messes with my sleep and i am new to this business so im still learning alot too.