Bilingual LPN salary in Oklahoma

  1. Hello. I am a newly licensed LPN and would like to ask the best places to work as an LPN in general? I am also bilingual and want to work at a place that values and compensates Bilingual LPNs. Or if you can tell me the highest paid LPN jobs in Oklahoma and I can ask them if they pay more or Speaking Spanish
    super excited to start this new journey! I have heard some LPN jobs pay between $13-$21 hr, so I would like to know where to find the higher paid jobs, no benefits needed since my husbands job has fantastic benefits.
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  3. by   amoLucia
    Hate to burst your bubble, but I don't think any places pay for being bilingual as it's becoming a bit more common nowadays. Unless it's for some VERY special, atypical type of job for which fluency is absolutely nec.

    More & more folk are picking up little bits of enough Spanish to help with general informational conversational communication.

    Being bilingual may help you when trying to communicate with others, but you may not be considered as a 'translator' which carries a 'certified' label to be an 'official translator' for higher level communication.
  4. by   BilingualPN
    Thank you for your response. That does make sense being an LPN in general is very rewarding, I looking forward to helping people in general also. Just looking for the jobs that pay the most since I will be leaving a good paying job as it is
  5. by   amoLucia
    Congratulations on your new professional status. Just know that I am super envious of you and all the other staff out there who are multilingual.

    Your fluency may give you a 'soft edge' between you and someone else when you're applying for jobs, so make sure that you do list that skill on your app.

    Good luck.
  6. by   RavenNurse
    Best job options are home health and agency work, this is where you will get the highest pay. I left Oklahoma making 22 per hour for an agency.
  7. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Consider getting credentialed as a healthcare interpreter/translator as facilities must use credentialed interpreters not just billingual staff