Baylor LPN's, What do you make?

  1. Per hour? Per month? Annually? Do you work two 12's (Sat/Sun)? What are the benefits to working this schedule? Do you get extra incentive? The LTC that I work PRN for has a Baylor prgm, and I was wondering if any of you prefer this type of schedule.
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  3. by   halinurse
    Just started a Baylor program a few weeks ago. I work Sat/Sun 12 hour shifts, which is 24 hours and get paid for 32. My facility offers pay in lieau of benefits, which means I forgo any vacation time, holiday pay, insurance or sick time. I make 18.50 an hour, with benefits would have been 16.20. Hope this helps!:spin:
  4. by   TheCommuter
    I work 32 hours per weekend, which amounts to 16 hours on Saturday and 16 hours on Sunday from 6am to 10pm. In addition, I have Monday through Friday off. Even though I work 32 hours, I am paid for 40 hours under the Baylor Plan. My current pay rate is $18.50 hourly and I have been employed at this facility for 10 months. Without any overtime, I earn approximately $2,960 monthly. However, I frequently work extra shifts during the week for the time and a half rate of $27.75 hourly. With overtime, I earned $47,000 last year and had plenty of days off to relax.

    I prefer this type of schedule because it enables me to have 5 days off in a row every week. I attend school full-time during the week and am able to focus on my studies without having to work 5 days per week. The Baylor Plan is one of several reasons why I earned a 4.0 grade point average last semester.
  5. by   Hershey's Mom
    1st off Congrats to The Commuter for that 4.0... U go girl! 2nd, how do you know which facilities have the baylor plan? I live in Southern Cali and I have never heard of such a thing. I would love to have a schedule like that, being that I start school full time next month. Its been really hard to find a job that will fit my school schedule, and im definitely dont plan on "taking a break from my studies". What places should I check out that might have a schedule like that?
  6. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from Hershey's Mom
    What places should I check out that might have a schedule like that?
    You should check out extended care facilities that need full time, permanent weekend staffing coverage. Also, check out private duty jobs.
  7. by   jamangel
    Just accepted a baylor at $25/hr