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  1. I was wonder if there are a lot of bathroom breaks. I Have IC (Interstitial Cystitis) I am on meds that help with the frequency, but I have to pee about every hour or so. Sometimes during a flareup( kinda like a bladder infection) even more. Do you think this will be a problem? Will I have to wait till I am not busy or till I get a break?Do you often have to hold your pee because there is no time to go?Thanks and I look forward to hearing your responses. This concerns because because it can be a real pain and uncomfortable when I need to go.
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  3. by   Nursonegreat
    when i was preg and at the end, i had to pee everytime i got up from a chair. i worked in pacu so when it was time to get up... i peed and came back (had a BR in the PACU for us to use) if u gotta go, u gotta go and nothin u can do about it, so go ahead and pee
  4. by   traumaRUs
    I think I understand what the original poster (OP) is asking. Yes, there are some areas that are more conducive to freq bathroom breaks than others. I worked in an ER for 10 years and rarely did I get to the bathroom three times in a 12.5 hour shift. However, I now work in dialysis and can go whenever I want to. So, yes, I do think getting a job will be possible, you may just want to consider areas that offer the chance for frequent bathroom visits. Good luck.
  5. by   AuntieRN
    I work Med/Surg and there are days I get to pee one time...then there are days when I can actually pee more frequently...mostly because I get so busy I forget I have to NM tells us all the time...when you have to go...go...regardless of what you are doing..but sometimes that is really hard to do.
  6. by   para
    Thanks Nursonegreat,
    Friends/family kid with me all the time and say I have to pee like I am pregnant because of my IC.I am happy to hear that using the bathroom frequently was not a problem for you and should not be a problem for me either.

    Thanks traumaRUs,
    I am so relived to hear that there are units I can work that will fit my needs. Besides dialysis do you know of any other areas that I could look into when I start working or does it depend on the place I work? I think I would like to work at a hospital maybe in the ICU,surgery and L&D. If there are opening.

    Thanks AuntieRN,
    I can understand how that could happen, but for me it is painful so I would not be able to forget. It is reassuring to hear that your NM (correct me if I am work but I that nurse Manager) tells you to go when you need to. One of the units I am interested in is med/surg, so it is nice to here your reply.
  7. by   melhope8
    I hear the ICU is hard to go to the bathroom all the time so dont do that. I have IBS, if i get nervous, poooooooooop! So i'm pretty scared about not having to be able to go. But if i'm in a situation where I can go when i want to i'm A ok. Someone recommended Pediatrics for me. Just dont do trama, ER, ICS, or any type of Critical Care.