1. Hello All!
    I just joined today so do forgive for my mess ups.
    I have been an LPN for three years,one spent with a staffing co. staffed in long term care and the other two on one case with a ped. home health. I feel I have forgot everything I learned (I wish I would have went to a hospital after grad.) I only used what this case needed, 6 medications no real treatments, no real challenges no real need to "think" it didn't call for much. I feel so incompetent now I forgot soooooo much. the case I was on for the past two years children services got involved so I no longer have the case, so I have been collecting unemployment for the past 5 months trying to find another job. but so fearful if they would call me I would have no idea what I was doing! I will be starting at our community college on the 9th for phlebotomy I and II , hoping to get into the hospital with this new education,and thinking OK now if I do this at least I will feel competent in this field!! I have tried to find an LPN refresher course with out any luck (well that I can afford) and I am a little worried about a on-line course. I don't know what to do? I love being an lPN but I do not want to do home health. so what do you do? you know? I messed up going home health I feel. any thoughts? can anyone give me a "come on, it's not that bad, it will all come back" or anyone with connections to our local hospital?? thanks for letting me "GO ON" Aud
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  3. by   TheCommuter

    Share the joy! Anyhow, I think I've lost a few skills by working LTC. However, I don't feel incompetent about the care I provide to my residents.
  4. by   nursesaideBen
    Crack open your textbooks and your notes and start studying again! I think you would surprise yourself by how much you have retained and just don't realize it. Get the juices flowing again and maybe if you get an interview at a hospital tell them that you would like an extended orientation time, they should accomadate you. You could also look into nursing homes that have skilled care units or rehab as these patients generally are more acute than LTC patients but not as acute as Med/surg patients. Granted you won't be starting IV's everday there but there usually are IV's that have to be started occasionally. Just a thought! Good luck to you and don't beat yourself up!!
  5. by   Audrey Verba
    Hey Ben, (thats my husbands name also) any way thanks for your thoughts I'll give it try,I did save EVERYTHING from school,I have lately picked up the books and looked through, but not "seriously" but I will give it a shot, I put in an app. at a LTC yesterday, I'll try the extended orientation idea, It may help! thanks again!