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This only my 5 th week of lpn school, and since the first week I have been thru so many range of emoitons;) I am constanly doubting myself, Can I do this?, Do I want to do this?, Did I sign up for... Read More

  1. by   ladybug0427
    I feel your pain. I am in my final year of RN school and believe me I am constantly doubting myself. I am now in MH and believe me its not that bad. Keep your head high and believe in yourself you can do it. Good luck!
  2. by   Practicalone
    For 11months I felt the same way. I thank God for a wonderful husband, sisters and family. If it would not have been for them I would have quit the first month. Hang in there. Don't let the instructors get to you, mind your P's & Q's and you will be fine. Hang in there. I love working with the patients now.
  3. by   mume2mykidz
    This is normal,I did the same thing and it does get better with clinicals because you are not sitting in class all day.I hated the instructors that would tell you what to study and then nothing was on the test,the whole class would fail and then we had to fight for retakes!!!yes it happend...

    all in all I was lucky to start the program with a best friend and we pushed each other,we have graduated and we are both taking the nclex together..after some time working we will return to school to finish up our RN.
    So hang in there,if you have the desire and determination you will be fine,find a somone in the class you can click with{may be hard}but there has to be at least 1 person that you both can push along
  4. by   Thornbird
    Totally normal!! It's scary. You probably can ease up a little on your worrying with such good grades so far. The math for pharmacology isn't that hard. I'm no whiz at math and had no problem. You'll feel more confident as you go along. When clinicals come it is better. Don't worry about messing up. They won't let you do anything to a real patient that they are not sure you can do. Take care of yourself.