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I havn't even started LPN school yet (will this September though!!!!) :monkeydance: and I'm finding that I'm already "apologizing" if you will for becoming "just an LPN"!! I need to stop this! ... Read More

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    I Am Ion Lpn School, Gradute In August. I Hear It From Nurses On My Clinicals All The Time, Like They Are Better B/c They Are R.n.'s!!! Keep Ur Chins Up nurses!!!!!!!
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    Quote from kriso
    I didn't mean to imply to that I think it is easy for adults to go back to school. Going back to school has been a huge sacrifice and being a "non-traditional student" has been a challenge. My daughter was 10 when I began taking classes- she's 14 now. I have been taking pre-reqs since 2003. I opted for in class learning instead of distance learning (although some of my classes were online). It has been difficult taking classes, working full time, managing a teenager, paying for a mortgage and car repairs while trying not to neglect my spouse. I begin actual nursing classes May 21. Part of my transition program in the summer is supposed to be 5 days per week. After the summer, the class/clinicals should be no more than 4 days per week. I plan to change to the night shift and work every Thur-Sat night. I work the weekend program at the hospital so I need at least three 12 hr shift to maintain my full time status. Honestly, I'm not sure how we are going to make it. I don't know if I can work full time, go to school full time, keep a decent GPA and keep the electricity on and gas in my car. My parents are getting older and my Dad is chronically ill. My Dh has been having chest pains and is in the process of having a cardiac work-up. We don't qualify for any grant money so I have gotten student loans in the past. However, I found out I wouldn't get any student loan money up front so now need to cough up >$1,000 for out of district tuition. I just know that I have to do it. I just keep praying that God will continue to guide me. I just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

    I am not saying going back to school is for everyone. LVNs are terrific nurses and have much to offer. If you have no desire to go back to school, I say "great!" You will have a rewarding experience in the nursing field no matter what your title is.

    Going back is a personal option that I chose to do.
    I think you will be fine. I do have a desire to go back to school, in fact I will be recieving my B.S. degree in Management in about a month. Being a college graduate has always been a dream of mine and I will accomplish it. The way I was able to is through distance learning. It was done on my terms.... I was able to work fulltime. I cannot do nursing under my terms with Ecelsior no longer avalible to CA LVN's. I don't want another B.S. degree, the first was hard enough to get so ISU and UoP are out of the question for now. I am keeping my eyes out, but the outlook isn't great. Private schools want up to $40,000 for LVN to RN and the jr. colleges have waiting lists that are years long.
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    Hospital based LPN here. I am IV certified, so I do start my own IV's and push my own IV meds. Direct patient care wise, the three things I can't do is initial admission assessments, start and adjust heparin gtts, or spike blood products. I can and do take care of all other patient needs. I call the doctor myself, I give my own meds, I change my own dressings, I do my own central line care (had to take an extra 1/2 day class for this, though...but hey, I got paid for it.) Unless they look very closely at my badge, my patients never know I'm any different than some of the other nurses on the floor who are RN's. With the exception of our Charge Nurse, all the nurses on our floor do the same job, no matter if they are RN's or LPN's. I don't see too much discrimination from my co-workers who actually work with me on the floor. Sometimes I get a "vibe" from other RN's in management positions....Had one tell me the other day to get an RN to draw up some phenergan and bring it to her in the TX room for chemo patient X who was nauseated. I told her with a quickness that I was qualified to do that and I would do it, unless there was a specific reason she wanted an RN to do it. She simply said "oh, that's great, then you can do it". I think sometimes the older RN's are misinformed about what today's LPN's can do.

    I may go back to earn my RN degree, but right now is not the time. I have two children in college and their educations are more important to me than continuing mine. The $5-$7 an hour difference in an RN's salary and mine doesn't motivate me very much. I know it's alot over the long run, but I'm just not all that motivated by money.

    Lastly, I just had my yearly review and the ONLY thing that could improve the job I do is "to obtain my RN degree". I asked my Coordinator HOW that could improve what I do and she said "then you could do charge" and laughed. HA, HA, HA......THAT would benefit the hospital, but I simply don't see where it would benefit me. No thank you, you may keep your stress. If I do someday obtain my RN, I will NEVER, EVER, EVER sign that Charge Nurse contract. I left my yearly review feeling pretty darn good about myself, my credentials and the fact that I am doing MY JOB at the highest level possible. No need to apologize to anybody for being "just and LPN"