Anyone Heard of West Coast UNiversity LVN to RN program?

  1. This is school is in the LA area and including the pre-reqs its 18months. It costs 55,000.00 and won't transfer credit from other schools if its more than 5 years old or if a class has been repeated with a D, F, or W.
    It is fairly new and I have not seen any posted pass rates for the NCLEX on the state board website. So Have any of you out there heard anyhting about the school. Even there website wants you to call and come in for an information session. I went to one and it was helpful but i want to know from any students. PLEASE HELP.
    Give me your opinion on this school. I don't want to make a mistake by going there
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  3. by   wooosp
    A co-worker of mine mentioned that school, she heard about it from a friend. Sorry, but I don't have more info to give you. Actually I'm pretty interested in getting info myself.

    Just curious, What other info were you able to obtain? Do you know if they give you a break on the tuition if you have your pre-reqs completed?. Also, what city are they located in?

  4. by   nursynurseRN
    yes, if your pre-reqs completed, not repeated, and less than 5 years old, they cut the cost off the first 9 months of schooling.