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Ok, first off.....I know not all CNAs are lazy. Those who are lazy know who they are and if they are lazy or not, so if you are a CNA and you are not lazy then this does not apply to you or to others... Read More

  1. by   NursePeace
    i am shocked by some of these replies. please dont take offense to what i am about to say, but it needs to be said. you are in charge of your cnas, what they do or in your case, dont do, is ultimately your responsibility. which means your license. you are not there to "make friends" with your cnas, you are there to provide the best care possible to your pt's. this in itself is the reason lazy a** cnas get to keep jobs. because nurses become friends and will not do write ups. as far as waking up an aid to do rounds. what!!!??? oh no. that would be rounds to see if my residents are clean and safe, then a picture on my camera. the fact that this aid was able to sleep through is 1 am round is neglect. would you let someone sleep through who was taking care of your family?? no. you have to put your foot down. dont take me the wrong way, i love my stnas and im friends with most of them. but im a nurse first. my stnas understand that yeah we can joke and make work as fun as possible but if your not doing your work, you will be wrote up. you either need to put your foot down (in a respectable way of course) or find a new job. i feel so strongly about the care or lack there of being given to my residents. your don sounds pretty much worthless. isnt there an administrator?? youve gotta do something.....
  2. by   peridotgirl
    Quote from unitek1963
    Got a camera phone (and who doesn't these days?)

    Get some film of Mr. or Ms. Van Winkle to back up your write-up. A picture (especially with sound!) is worth a thousand words.

    Good luck.
    isn't takeing someone's picture w/o thier permission illegal? but I guess it would be okay if they are doing the wrong thing.
  3. by   Tiffanysmom
    WOW!In the facility I work in,the CNA would be terminated imediately after the RN supervisor called our DON.Does the DON not realize this is neglect?I am an STNA and I worked on night shift before getting to day shift and we had to do chores like spot mop floors,clean the tables in the lounge,clean out the refrigerator behind the nurses station,clean out soiled linen barrels and clean geri chairs and wheel chairs.Plus we did all 4 of our rounds,took our SCHEDULED breaks,did our get-ups and showers before 6 am when the shift ended.Your DON sounds like she needs a demotion because she condones the neglectful behavior.
    Hopefully,your facility can come to an agreement on how to find a positive solution to this mess.STNA/CNA's like the ones you described give the good ones a bad name.
    Good luck!
  4. by   asoonernurse
    Quote from peridotgirl
    isn't taking someone's picture w/o their permission illegal?
    No. You only need permission if you plan to use the image to make a profit (i.e. television, magazines, advertisements, etc.) Anyway, the picture would only be used to show the DON or ADON that your claim is true. Most likely, the CNA is going to deny the whole thing. Then it becomes a he said/she said game.

    Excellent posting PeaceNurse!

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  5. by   bluegeegoo2
    Oh geez!! I know how you feel. I have some OUTSTANDING aides, and some...well...not so much. Mine will generally do their job. But the ones I have on my weekend are not very bright. I have to "fetch" them to get call lights pretty frequently. They will start a bed-check and act like they can't answer a light until the check is done. Very one-track minded. I don't mind answering lights at all, but I have a job to do as well. I have reminded them a million times to look for lights when they come out of a room but they ignore them and continue with their checks. Here's a fun story that happened the night before last: I had a resident fall and we put her in a low bed. (She already has every available alarm in place d/t the fact she has fallen 3X in 9 days). I had to go "fetch" one of my aides from her room and she started to leave the bed in high position. I reminded her that the bed had to be in low pos. She proceded to tell me she couldn't lower the bed because it would smash the cath bag. ??!!!!!!! I, as gently as possible, told her to simply pull the bottom of the bag AWAY from the bed as she lowered it. She just looked at me and blinked. So, I had to SHOW her how to do it! She said, "oh". (sounds of shrieking from me). THEN, I informed her a resident was on the BSC and needed to be helped to bed, as I was in the middle of med pass, and she immediately went into a DIFFERENT room to continue bedcheck. I lost it. I stormed into the room and sternly (somehow avoiding being an evil b****) and told her to do it NOW. That worked. I think I've been trying too hard to be "nice" all of the time. She responded to the "I'm-not-screwing-around-get-your-ASS-in-gear" tone better than anything else I've tried. I hate to be that way, but I guess I need to go with what works. Like others have stated, it's about the resident care and safety. We have a duty to our residents, no matter what that entails. And if our aides don't like it, let THEM find another job. Oh, and thank you, truly, to all of the aides who bust your butts to take care of your residents. We nurses may not always say so, but we do really appreciate the good jobs you do. Especially to Steph, the best damn aide on the planet!!
  6. by   TJ920
    i am actually amused by this thread because i am a night shift nurse and have many times run into the same problem. i have a mother/daughter cna duo who work for me almost every single time i work. the daughter is fabulous... the mother on the other hand is in her 60's and not nearly as ambitious as her daughter; not only that, when you get on her to do her job, she accuses you have "discriminating" against old people. hellooooo... i love old people, hense the ltc work!!
    anyway, i completely agree to the not making friends with the cnas... i am there to be a nurse to the residents, not make a friend. besides, it becomes harder to manage a group of "friends" than it does co-workers. it's like trying to be a parent and a friend to your child, it doesn't work. there has to be a clear line between boss and worker. if not, what's when the drama starts... "she was supposed to be my friend... she just wrote me up, etc."
    the lpn is in charge. my aids have been known to sit in lounge chairs at the nursing station 5 or 10 minutes passed the start of bedcheck and i'll say, "you guys are late, it's time to get started." i schedule my treatments and vitals, etc. so i can be down the hall during their bedcheck times as a way of quietly supervising what's going on. i've also had a problem of my cnas not turning people and trying to lie to me about it! not happening. i call them out on it; i'm not a naive nurse, i do pay attention to what's going on in the facility during my 8 hours. i think being aware of what's going on will help the management process of the less ambitious and also to save your job. it would be hard to go to the don and say "i think they slept through bedcheck." that doesn't make you look very credible... know for certain what they are doing and try to do something about what they are doing wrong/not doing, so when it does come down to you telling on them or writing them up, you look like you tried to have things under control. passive-aggressiveness never works and neither does being their friend.
  7. by   valeegrl2000
    I was a CNA working the 3-11 shift. I personally now that it is a physically draining job. I' m now an LPN but I'm glad I know what their job is like so that I can relate to them. I get along very well with my CNA's because of that I think. There's no excuse for them sleeping on the job. But let me say that by showing them or acting like you're their boss isnt going to get u anywhere. You have to speak to them and get to know them. Even help each other out whenever possible. I work in a nursing home and I help out the cna's whenever I can by answering their call lights or even giving the patient a bed pan. They'll respect u for it because to them that's u telling them I'm no different from you. We're both here for one thing and that's our patients needs. If that doesnt work then that CNA shouldn't be allowed to be responsible for another human being and therefore he/she should be fired.
  8. by   rgroyer1RNBSN
    Im a sup. in a hospital setting, but I have some of these aides to, and there just about ready to be canned, and if I caught any of them sleeping they would be canned immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!