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Hi, I am 48 years old. I have four children all grown and out of the house. I am looking to become an LPN and later an RN. I am really uncomfortable about my age, since I would imagine I would be... Read More

  1. by   djkmc1998
    i am in lpn school now....and the oldest lady in our class is in her 60's....and youngest is 20. most of us average late 20's to 40's. there is nothing wrong with going to nursing school when you are a bit older, as a matter of fact, i admire anyone that is willing to do what it takes to get what they want, even if they are a bit older. age doesnt matter.....its what you want to do. i am 27, a mother of three, and have 8 more months left until i am done. i am glad that i have waited...i know i take this way more serious than i would have 7 years ago. good luck with everything, nursing school is challanging, but it is sooo worth it!
  2. by   southflorida2
    Thank you "ALL" sooooo much for your honest answers and support. I guess I've been in the house too long or something!! I was just very skeptical about attending with all younger students. But you have all helped me so much. I didn't know that many older people are going back to school. I have heard of it, but not as much as I've heard here. You have given me the confidence to try and make my dream come true. Thank you soooo much for doing that. I wouldn't have known if I never asked all of you. You're great...maybe we'll bump into eachother someday! lol ~ Erin
  3. by   *Pepper*
    If you are on the west coast of Florida, check out Sarasota County Technical Inst (SCTI). They have a adult evening PN program.
  4. by   Mudwoman
    The youngest in our class was right out of high school and 19. The oldest was a male age 62. I was 40 and there were several older than me.

    Go for it. If it has been your dream, do it. Age is a relative thing.
  5. by   carveronica
    I understand your feelings about being in the classroom with younger students. I'm a 41 year old single mother of eight. I currently take classes at my local state college in california. I have had some similar feelings and I try to rebuke all the negative talk in my head. I have always wanted to be a Nurse and will keep working at it until I get there. I have many times thought that I was just getting to old to do this line of work, but I LOVE LEARNING and embrace every moment to learn something new. KEEP GOING DON'T STOP!! IF YOU NEED SOMEONE TO TALK TO TO I'M AVAILABLE
  6. by   Halinja
    Quote from SouthFlorida2
    Hi, I am 48 years old. I have four children all grown and out of the house. I am looking to become an LPN and later an RN. I am really uncomfortable about my age, since I would imagine I would be with much younger students. I was a SAHM and haven't been out in the work force or at school in a long time. I am really feeling funny about going to school with such young student like I said. I don't want to stick out and , well I guess I'm not self assured.... Anyway, could anyone help me with advice, or let me know if maybe there are "ANY" alittle bit older students you've ever seen? I have wanted to be a nurse all my life and I want to make that dream come true. My uncle became an RN at 67 ... but I haven't really discussed my question with him since he lives far away and all.... Any advice would really help.... And thanks also ...
    I wanted to stick in my two cents.

    I was a stay at home Mom (w/4 kids) too, for years and years. (you can see my age, and guess the years...grin) I'll be graduating this spring. And one thing that I found is that when I was 18 and in college, college was a drag. When I went back three years ago (+/-) I found it fun, stimulating, and not nearly as hard as it used to be. Life teaches you a lot about time management, and the value of work, etc. When you go back to school you realize that those life skills make a world of difference.

    Go for it!!!
  7. by   corvette1973
    Well, if you go to nursing school now, you'll be 50-51 when you graduate from an ADN school. How old will you be in 2-3 years if you don't go?!?!?

    Times a wasting, honey. Sign up & take the chance!
  8. by   ddzwalker
    Just graduated from LPN program at 46 yo. Had top GPA...We had a number of over 40's in our class as well as under 25's.
    It was a hard decision for me to go back to school...didn't think my brain could handle all the new info...I won't lie, studying in your 40's takes a lot more than studying in your 20's but if you realize that from the get go and are willing to put time and effort into it, you can do it!
    It was a huge boost to my self esteem knowing how well I did!
    Good luck with your decision!
  9. by   mumpet5
    I was 43 when I got accepted into nursing school, the LVN program, I am a single mom and thought then that in a years time I could have a career that would support myself and my children. I regret not going for the RN instead, I am trapped at deciding whether or not to do prereqs at the community college/state university or sign up for Excelsior. I am now 46. I love nursing, but sometimes get so bogged down thinking I won't be able to do it. I am out there trying....
  10. by   ChargeNurseAmy74
    hi i'm 32 yrs old and going for my lvn. i've never been to college before and i too was nervous about what ages i'd meet up with in of my best friends is mid-40's and going for her rn, and many many many in the same age bracket. go for it! god bless


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  11. by   coughlin_b
    Hi; I became an LVN at age 57.....WOW. It can be done. Now I need to know how to obtain the Scope of Practice for the State of New Mexico. I obtained my license in Texas. Good luck to you.
  12. by   Avelinne
    Became an Lpn at 41, am working on my RN and will complete the program and be 46. Perfect time in my life since I chose to stay home to raise the kiddies. I love being a nurse and most people just assume that I have been a nurse forever... I always tell them if they ask. School was hard for ALL of my fellow classmates(the youngest was 18 yo) and nursing school really kicked our butts. Most everyone bonded studying and supporting each other throuhgout the program. I did not see the younger classmates sail through MY nursing program. So if you want it bad enough you will find the energy. You just might find strength where you did not know you had!! Go for it and Good Luck!
  13. by   BigB
    Very motivational thread. It is never to late to complete your educational goal. In my lvn program we had an age range of 18 - 59. With most students being mid 30's to late 30's.