30 Unit RN Program

  1. In California, there are some schools that offer a 30 Unit RN program. Can anyone explain this to me?

    I am an LVN, and graduated from a Vocational college, therefore I have no prerequisites done in order for me to get into a Associates Degree Nursing Program just yet. But I've been hearing about this 30 Unit RN program lately, and am highly curious and may be interested. Can someone enlighten me with some pro's and con's.

    Here are the things I do know:

    You don't graduate with a degree
    You don't graduate with a diploma
    You just finish some parts of the program or whatever and is able to take the NCLEX-RN and can only work in the state of California.

    In my case, I was thinking that I can do this, get my 30 Unit RN program done, take the boards. And once I'm get my RN, go back to get my degree. HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPP w/ more info.
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  3. by   scallywags
    I think you listed all the negs of the 30 unit program. Personally, I have been considering doing this myself, and later, move into a BSN program down the line.

    One of the Pros is that there are a lot of programs in California that offer this, so there should be no wait-lists. Also, you will be able to work (and earn) as a RN faster.
  4. by   nursynurseRN
    30 unit in California still requires physiology and microbiology. The only thing is u dont have to take math, English, Nutrition and all the ]other stuff u need for as degree. Another downfall is mostly u can only practice in California as a RN. It really depends on what u want. I f u want it fast do it! But, if u want to kepp ur options open get your associates!
    hope this helps