any lpn hospital or clinic jobs in michigan?


hi.i just graduated from lpn school here in michigan.i would like to work in a hospital or clinic here in michigan as long as it is NOT in a nursing home.does anybody know of any hospital or clinic that hire lpns in michigan?where is it at and how much do they pay lpns?

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I'm not sure, but I think alot of the hospitals in the UP hire LPNs. There is Marquette General Hospital in Marquette, which is a decent hospital. There's also a hospital in Sault St. Marie, Iron Mountain, Negaunee, Escanaba, and possibly Munising.


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St. John Macomb in Warren uses LPN's on their inpatient floors, though I have no idea what the pay is or if there are currently any openings.


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good luck..without experience working on a hosptial will be a slim to none chance...and a clinic won't pay much more than a may want to try home health or LTC to get the experience.

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