LPN grad out of school 2 yrs need help finding job


  1. Need help getting foot back in door

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      Where to start job search
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      Could it be my resume
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      Am I doomed to never b a nurse

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Hi my name is Jess I graduated a accelerated LPN program 2 yrs ago, I have been bartender all my life I have taken my boards twice and have been unsuccessful I have decided to take serious steps to study and am preparing to take it again. I have been trying and trying to get my foot in the door in healthcare. I have exp. as clinical asst., unit sec., scheduling.... But has been some yrs. any advice on how to get my foot back in door? I went to nursing school b/c I have the compassion for others n like to take care of others just have bad test taking..any advice/guidance would be greatly helpful, and appreciated.Hopefullyfuturelpn&rn,Jess


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I would sign up for a refresher course and pass nclex then find a lpn job. Good luck! :)


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I agree..a refresher course will help...also u can try to get your CNA license and get your foot in the door as well as some experience.Good luck!

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Ok can I clarify a point or two? You preparing to take the NCLEX again correct so the job your currently looking for is a non licensed position? I don't think any of the reasons above are the true reason. It's mainly the economy and the position your tried to get hired in is a non skill position mean that many job seekers are applying for these also so there is stiff competition.

One of the reasons nursing has been a good place to find a job in the past (not right now for the same reason as above) is that the license provides a barrier to entry mean in general your only competiting against other nurses for a position.

Keep your head and if you want it go get it but really focus your efforts on passing that NCLEX