LPN Grad (Army) HELP I can't seem to find a job after applying at several hospitals?


I recently graduated fom the Army's LPN program in Dec, and moved to PA, and can't seem to find a job, even after sending out many resumes and filling out several applications. I haven't even received one call. I used

Resume Maker software to make my resume and I have a recommendation letter from one of my instructors.

In addition to my LPN, I am an EMT and Surgical Tech with 10 years experience, which I thought would be an additional asset as prior medical experience. It's getting quite frustrating. If anyone has any advice, I'm in desperate need of a job. Thank you.:mad:


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you graduated from army and cant find a job? I wonder why, b/c I was thinking about applying into navy/army, etc. I'm a new grad and it's very difficult to find a job in the hospital. As soon as the economy gets better, all retired nurses/experienced nurses will leave the hospital, and hopefully we'll have a better shot in those hospitals.


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It's best to get your RN if you want to work in a hospital. My local hopsital doesn't hire any LPNs no matter what extra experience they might have. I know that a lot of nursing homes might hire a new grad LPN.


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I cannot find a job myself. It is so hard when one has to pay student loan.:banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead:


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I cannot find a job myself. It is so hard when one has to pay student loan.:banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead:

I am in the same boat regarding the job situation. If you don't find a job and your loans are going to kick in soon call the loan companies directly. Tell them that you are looking for work and can't afford to make the payments right now. Could you have an extension so that you could postpone your payments. Each lender is different and has their own policies. One of my lenders gave me a year grace on top of the six months after graduation repayment and the other gave me three months and then of course since I still don't have a job another three months. Find out your options at least for a few more months so you can concentrate on finding a job. Good luck!


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Surprise! I graduated and passed the boards Aug 2009 I have BLS/ACLS/I.V. certification and I havent found a job yet!! I've emailed, faxed and hand delivered a professionally done resume/cover letter and all i've gotten was one interview. The market is already saturated with new grads. Welcome to our world...


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My daughter was a combat medic. She got out at the end of her first committment (now in reserves). She got a job as an MA in a Urgent Care clinic while she is a pre-nursing student.

You might want to try the urgent care places. BTW, the folks that hired her? Military vets too!