LPN is conflicted about jobs

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Hi Nurse Beth,

I have a question. I am a Nurse Case Manager but an LPN, so I am not really hands on. It is very flexible as I work from home the hours I want and I can have a second job. With this second job, I bring more income in. I have two little ones, an almost 6 months old and a 3 year old, but with that said, I want to find a better opportunity, where I can learn something different like in oncology, which I want to specialize in when I am an RN, and I found a job and received an offer letter for a LPN Patient Navigator in an oncology practice. With this job , I will not be able to have a second job and if I do, it will have to be on weekends. I also have another interview lined up that will help us financially. My current job also gives me the opportunity with my kids, and gives me a lot of flexibility.

Also I want to return to school and become an RN. So I feel stuck, and do not know if I should stay with my current job and just hold off until I am an RN and start my oncology journey then.

What advice can you give me? All these jobs are also behind the desk type of jobs. So I think somehow I will have the flexibility of actually, being able to go back to school regardless. The only thing is not all of these jobs give me the flexibility with my kids.


Dear LPN,

You have a job that gives you flexibility, which is important to you- I noticed you used the word "flexible" 4 times :). With 2 small children, I would really think seriously about a job that limits your flexibility.

Long-term career-wise, I would keep my focus on the goal of getting your RN, and not so much on your desired specialty. Start your pre-reqs if able. Once you are in the program, your school hours will dictate when (and if) you can work.

Best wishes,  

Nurse Beth