LPN to BSN conflicting information??

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I have been reading posts about LPN (or RPN) to BSN programs for days and I am more confused than when I began so though I would post my circumstances and see if anyone could help me.

I graduated in 2008 from NBCC with a certificate but my certificate had a several of the diploma courses as it was the last 18 month course offered and they tried to squeeze in the 2 years. I have med admin, physical assessment and have been licensed in Ontario, PEI and NB, usually as a med / charge nurse. I am currently in India the last 2.5 years and do volunteering programs with a local charity that provides immunizations and does education in rural villages. Oh and I have some credits from a BA I began at Dal.

I want to go home and do my BSN now, I can attend school anywhere in the world pretty much though Canada is preferable. I looked first at the fast track courses in the US but Im understanding that they are not accepted by Canadian Colleges of Nurses. I want to do 2 years if possible but could complete a bridge from here first if necessary (initially online then move home for clinicals). I am looking for a list of accredited courses for the Ontario CON. I started of very high (85+) but by the end was just just getting by (70+). So the prereq's are an issue for me with some colleges.I am hoping they will take into account my experience as I was employed as a nurse manager in Ontario and have volunteered abroad. I don't mind paying more I just want to get in and do 2 years (plus any bridge I can begin online) in an accredited course. Also are there any accredited online courses in Canada with Onatrio con? I would prefer to be in class but may have to settle for what I can get.

Thank you in advance for any help anyone can give, I have read many threads on this topic but feel free to direct me to any I may have missed.

Side note my Husband has a MBA and can become an RN faster than I can. How stupid is that?



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Did you read up on Athabasca University bridge program?



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Did you graduate from NBCC Moncton? I ask because I graduated from there in 2008 :)

I'm in Alberta now and am working on the LPN-BSN bridge through Athabasca. I don't think it would be possible to really finish it in 2 years, but 3 years is very doable. You will have to be in Alberta for your clinically though and need a Alberta LPN license. It's a great place to be working as an LPN though!! So much so that I'm not even sure I want to finish the bridge program anymore...

But as you know, working as a LPN is pretty horrible and you don't get to utilize any of your knowledge or skills. So if I ever planned on going back there I would only want to do so as an RN.


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Lila: I've heard of four LPNs at my hospital who have dropped out of the Athabasca Bridge because they just don't know what is happening anymore workwise.

The trend does seem to be reducing the number of RNs on the units. A friend graduated from Athabasca, got a full time line 18 months ago and has been bumped out of it.

It's a very strange time to be working in Alberta.