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LPN Background Check NJ

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Once upon a time when I was a stupid boy, I was caught shoplifting at a Krogers at West Virginia University. I stole $12 worth of medicine (not joking). After speaking with the store owners and police they actually felt bad for me because I was literally just that sick and broke. I was never arrested nor fingerprinted. And the charge was reduced in court, I cant remember what exactly it was reduced to, I believe littering. This happened in 2008 at WVU, I was 18, and I am a resident of New Jersey. Any input on whether this will show up when I get fingerprinted for licensing? Thank you for your help!

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Were you fingerprinted? NJ pulls charges even motor vehicle from other states.

The NJ BoN does state and federal background checks. Does the application ask for criminal charges or pending charges and convictions? Read the NJBoN application