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Hi everyone, I'm a new LPN grad. In my area 9 out of 10 jobs for an LPN are either in a nursing home or a doctor's office. Until recently a job came up for an LPN Anesthesia Attendant. The job application says something along the lines of "Performs IV insertions and assists with central line insertions". I can't find anything about this position on Google other than the application, so I'm pretty sure they've created the title.

Does anyone have any ideas what this job would be like? I don't want to spend all day starting IVs, but I love the operating room setting. Would it be likely I stay in the OR during the entire surgery, or maybe not at all? I'm confused. I don't want to be essentially an IV nurse. Any help is appreciated :)

Apply for it. Any interview experience is good.

From what you have described, in my hospital you'd be in Diagnostic Imaging. I know LPNs work there and they like it. Hours are better than on the floor.

Face it you are a new grad with no experience, if you are lucky enough to land this be grateful. You never know what you will learn in any job.

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Google anesthesia technician. Sounds pretty much like their job.

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