LPN/ADN Schools in Washington State that DO NOT require pre requisites!


Please only answer this if you know of any schools in washington that offer the LPN program but do not require you to be done with pre reqs. I know that there are technical schools that offer lpn/adn programs in states like california and oregon, I live in washington so I would like to stay here and go to a program that does not require you to be done with your pre reqs.


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Look them up on line...that's what we would have to do...


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Look them up on line...that's what we would have to do...

I already have, I can not find any and therefore I am posting on here.

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I am currently at Clark in Vancouver. It is an RN program- no LPN option. They do not require you to have ALL of your pre-reqs done. I still had one quarter of A&P to go when I got accepted, but I finished it before starting RN school. But, it is incredibly competitive. When I got in there were 400 qualified applicants and they accepted 48.

Clark has just changed their criteria for acceptance, so you may want to look at it. I do know that you absolutely have to have your CNA certification to even be considered a qualified applicant.

Good luck!

I thought LPN is vocational training and does not require pre-reqs?


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Thank you student mom to three I will look into clark

Patientelywaitingagain: I also thought the LPN programs did not require pre requisites, alot of my cousins and family have gone to schools in oregon and california and they did not have to do pre requisites, for some reason washington state does atleast the schools I've seen....


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Most of the LPN programs in Oregon do not require prerequisites, but the programs are around $20,000. The only LPN program I have found in Oregon that requires prerequisites is Mt. Hood Community College's LPN program (it only requires a few classes), and its a lot cheaper than all of the other LPN programs. It also turns out that Lower Columbia Community College (in Longview, WA) is the only bridge LPN to RN program that accepts ALL prerequisites from Mt. Hood Community College's LPN program. If you were to do a technical school LPN program and try to do the LCCC bridge LPN to RN program, then you would have to take all of the prerequisites because Lower Columbia doesn't accept the classes from any of the tech school LPN programs.

If you are really looking for a RN nursing program without prerequisites, ITT Tech in Portland just opened up a RN program that doesn't require prerequisites...however its about $50,000 and you have to take an entrance exam.

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Apollo College in Portland Oregon. Sorry its not in WA, but at least its close and it doesn't require pre-reqs - their a part of the program.

WA state is very competitive for all nursing things, hence the pre-req requirements by all schools.