LPN to ADN/ASN Bridge in the Atlanta, GA area


I am looking for an LPN to ADN/ASN bridge program in the Atlanta area. I am a single mom who works Mon-Fri 8:30-5pm. I am hoping to find one that is mostly online & won't require me to go to class/lab more than one day a week. Also one that has the option to do clinicals on the weekends. Please help!


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That might be kinda hard unless you do do an online program. Which can be very expensive. A lot of the programs don't allow you to work, but I need to work. Let me know if you find one. I know some bridge programs are 18 months.


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I was looking into Excelsior but the GA BON sent me a packet of extra steps I'd have to take if I go to a "non-traditional" school before they'd consider giving me an RN license. I have to work, too & my job is willing to work with me if I'd need to go to class. More than one day a week will be almost impossible b/c I need my hours. Every bridge I've looked into is one year but I'd have to be in class daily or a few times a week at least.


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Gwinnett tech has a LPN to RN bridge and from what I'm hearing you only have lecture, 1-2 times per week depending on semester and 1-2 days per week clinical. For me that will work,because I work 12s. I dont know of any besides the non traditional that are any less days than that. Good luck though. :-)