Low pay for office hours/experience?


I currently do pediatric private duty and like it but the days are long. I have an interview at a peds office that has me off by 5 everyday, but, the pay is $4-5 less per hour with no overtime. Right now I can get all the OT I want. Is the experience I would get in an office valuable enough that I should consider such a pay cut? Thanks for any input.

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Office jobs are definitely going to be less pay and you will lose your acute nursing skills. We have oriented office nurses to the floor (I work acute care in a large children's hospital) - and it's like orienting a new grad. I can see myself working in an office towards the end of my career when I'm tired of the fast pace of the hospital environment.

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The experience may be in phone triage and vaccine administration...possibly parent education on wellness. Perhaps if you wish to take the office job, consider keeping the PDN job per diem as it's likely the PDN job will have more clinical nursing skills required.


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I wish the job was pt...not sure if I can see myself in the office five days. It's a working interview so I'll see how it feels.