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Hey everyone...

A few days ago in clinical, my pt (who is obese, diabetic and a now controlled hypertensive) was on a 2000 cal diet. She asked me why she couldn't have a bag of potato chips since she wasn't on telemetry any more. I responded by trying to educate her about hypertension and basically said that if she ate too much salt it may cause more negative symptoms. I think she got my point, but what would have been a better answer? This is the kind of "simple" think I DO get, but just have no idea how to explain!!! Any advice?


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I probably would have just told her that salt can make her retain fluid, which in turn can cause hypertension and put strain on the heart, in which case she would end up back on telemetry.

Simple, to the point cause and effect, unless the patient wants more detail.


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Curious thing. When my BP is elevated I start to crave pickles, potato chips etc. Most of the time I don't give in, but I wonder if there is a physiological connection with cravings?

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