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hello everyone. this is the first time i ask here, because I love the site. I wanted to ask this:

i have a pt that underwent colostomy and has low hgb, hct, rbc, and also low lymphocytes. i understand the loss of blood is responsable for the first 3 , and i know what my nursing interventions would be for those, but im a little loss on the lymphocytes. I dont know what can i put down in my paper for it. it is only 19.3, neutrophils are 71. so them beoing on the high range i undrestand the why, but dont know the specifics of what to do about the neutrophils. thanks for the time to read or answer

Better to just post one thread asking your question vs. multiples that people need to go through.

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recent or current viral infection...there are some rare genetic causes as well

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