I Need some help please. I currently have a BSN and have 13 years experience. My problem is my low GPA over all 2.55 last 40 hours 2.88. Prior to getting this degree I also obtained a BSW straight out of high school 25 years ago and some of those courses I didn't do so well which lowered my GPA. I am finding it difficult to find an NP program that will except me. I do understand that there are circumstances that may be considered but even provisional acceptance is a 2.75 with good reasons why a GPA would be that low.

I did get accepted into college for the MSN program but that's geared more towards teaching( they do not offer NP program but it is the same college I received my BSNfrom)which I do not want to do. My thought was to get the degree (Pull up my GPA) then transfer to another University for NP however colleges only except no more than 11 transfer hourswhich would basically have me completely starting over and would make no sense.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do to make this happen I refused to have any college tell me I can't do this based on low grades from over 20 years ago. I am trying to find an online program that will take a lower GPA I know I can do this work, that's not my concern but I feel so let down. I understand I did this to myself but these grades do not reflect my intelligence and my ability to become a nurse practitioner. Appreciate any advice and help that I can get on how to make this happen thank you.


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Curious about this as well. While I don't plan to go further in healthcare, I have often wondered how nursing school limited my life later on in other careers.


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It is possible but probably will be expensive.

Start from the place where you did your BSN, admissions department. Tell them that you are accepted in that geared to teaching program but your personal circumstances changed and you only would like to take as many hours per semester as you able to. You may want to speak with those higher on the pole too, with the same legend. If you let you do this, and usually they do, take course (s) which will give you maximum of hours, transferable and have at least some relation to your future NP specialty (nursing research is one good suggestion) and make sure you have enough time and resources to get "A"s. The mentioned 11 credits "A"should be enough to bring your GPA close to 3.

In addition to this, take a look on "bumpers" like "nursing abroad" study programs. They usually take about 3 weeks in some exotic locations with only one short report or poster to do after return and a few visits in local clinics or villages while there. It is "A" almost by definition and can give as many as 6 credits for what is essentially a pretty good vacation package... albeit it will be a pricey one. Courses like "pain management for RNs" or "death and dying" can be used too but they typically worth only one credit each and require some real work.

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My suggestion is to look into NP programs at the private-for-profit schools such as University of Phoenix and Walden University. These schools are more likely to work with applicants who have low GPAs to enaure they are accepted.

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I am currently enrolled at University of Phoenix FNP and they require 3.0 or better with an APA paper discussing the NP role in detail. Azusa Pacific will take 2.9 GPA. But these schools are more inclined to assist you in every way to meet your objectives. Don't give up! I wish you the best :-)